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From Stuck to Self Motivated in 8 weeks

Saying yes to your soul-felt dreams

You feel like life is passing you by. You say to yourself "there has to be more to life than this"

You've got dreams but fear and Self Doubt keep stuck in your same old routine

You want to learn how to motivate yourself in a positive way, build Self Love and Self Trust

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You're ready to live life on your terms, you're curious about spiritual growth and getting in touch with your True Self

You ready for a change, you want to shift old feelings and create a better reality for yourself

You'd love to have support from a pro and a like-minded community on what's most important to you 

This program is for you if...


One time payment

$997 Sale Price

$1997 Reg Price

Are you ready?


Every Sunday in February & March 2022 at 12 pm PST

We start Sunday February 6th. Let's go!

Week 1:

Live Training:
Identifying your Soul Goals: Transforming your life inside and out

This is where I help you get crystal clear on your goals and the deeper meaning behind them, especially the feeling you want to experience.

This will support you in becoming the person you know you are meant to become, including how you feel about yourself on the inside.

You'll learn my Inside Out Method, where I teach you how to transform your inner and outer reality

Week 2:

Coaching Call:
Live support on your action steps & challenges


Week 3:

Live Training:
Self Trust through Empowered Action: Overcome Perfectionism and Overwhelm

Learn the skill of "Self Trust Through Action", which shows you how to build your Self Esteem by taking empowered action on your goals.

In this class I'll also teach you the Secrets to Overcoming Overwhelm so you can kick overwhelm, perfectionism, and resistance to the curb, so you'll never have to feel stuck again. 

Week 4:

Coaching Call:
Live support on your action steps & challenges

Week 5:

Live Training:
Liberate Yourself from Limitations: Releasing your Inner Road Blocks

This is where we get rid of mental or emotional obstacles that have limited you in the past so you are free from the fear of your own mind

We'll go over how to deal with your negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and shift them. The result will be healing -- a healthier relationship with your mind and emotions

Week 6:

Coaching Call:
Live support on your action steps & challenges

Week 7:

Live Training:
The Power of Self Support: Soul Guidance as Motivation

Get ready for expansion. This is where I teach you how to get more in touch with your own inner wisdom and soul guidance. We’ll look into your opportunities for growth, so you can continue to move forward in your life and personal evolution.

I’ll teach you how to motivate and inspire yourself, so you can be your own best supporter

Week 8:

Coaching Call:
Live support on your action steps & challenges

The only LIVE group program designed to help you achieve your life goals while building Self Love

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Whats included?

  • 8 weekly Live Calls with coaching and live trainings ($3,000 value)

  • Member's Only FB group for connection, support, and accountability ($900 value)

  • Recordings of all lessons & calls 

  • A lifetime of new tools and skills to support yourself through your life's goals 

This Sale ends soon!

Save 50% before January 26th 12 pm PST

One time Payment

$997 Sale Price

$1997 Reg Price

Payment Plan

3x $397 Sale Price

3x $697 Reg Price

Are you ready to see how far you can go?

What my clients say...


Mia R

"Kelly has transformed my life in ways I had no idea were coming.


I feel so blessed to be working with this amazing person, she has been the most incredible mentor.


This journey has been massive for me, it's opened all the doors, she helped me be my Authentic Self. She's the reason I get to be my True Self every day and have a career that I love. I might cry talking about it."


Brittany H

"I worked with Kelly for 9 months, she's absolutely amazing. I learned so much from her, we worked through so much of my Inner critic and my issues with Self Worth. 


Before working with her, I wouldn't wear dresses (I was concerned about what people would think about my weight).


If it weren't for her, I'd still be at a job that wasn't good for my mental health.


I can't thank Kelly enough for pushing me and working with me to do what I do today."

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 5.40.22 PM.png

Nicky M

"Kelly is a fantastic and inspiring person! She was able to help me uncover a deeper meaning for my own life. 


I came to her confused and lost about my own life, not knowing which direction I should go into and not knowing how to best handle my feelings.


Every time we uncovered something, I was left feeling positive and confident, that my life was getting better.


I am very grateful to have experienced this journey with her and it is something that I can wholeheartedly recommend to every person, who is having trouble with finding themselves and maintaining a positive outlook on life."

Soul Goal: 

 The awareness that your Soul is leading you towards a goal to create an internal change; to become who you are meant to become and expand you beyond what you think is currently possible 

Let's do it  Together...

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Refund Policy

30 Day Risk Free

I'm so sure this program will have a positive impact on your life, I'm willing to remove 100% of the risk. 


You have a 30-Day "DOING" GUARANTEE to attend the coaching sessions and take the action steps. If it doesn't work for you, I'll provide extra coaching to help you or issue you a 100% refund if I decide this program doesn't meet your needs.

That's how much I believe in you and my methods inside

This Sale ends soon!

Save 50% before January 26th 12 pm PST

One time Payment

$997 Sale Price

$1997 Reg Price

Payment Plan

3x $397 Sale Price

3x $697 Reg Price

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