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Learn positive self-talk to support yourself mentally for a healthier, happier you 

Is this you?

You want to make friends but self-doubt holds you back. You think "they'll just leave me, what's the point?" 

You go on social media to distract yourself from your feelings, only to compare yourself to everyone's perfect lives. You tell yourself "Everyone is so much farther along than I am. I'm wasting my life". 

You dream of leaving your job and living exactly how you want... but self-doubt ruins it again "It can't happen for me. I'm not smart enough or good enough. I'll fail" 

You want to feel more confident but don't know how break free from the same loop of negative thoughts. Everything feels twice as hard when you don't believe in yourself... 


It doesn't have to be this way


...being able to catch yourself in negative thinking before it spirals, knowing how to shift yourself out of it, saving yourself from unnecessary suffering.

...your mind being your friend instead of your worst enemy, what if instead of beating yourself up, you built yourself up?

...get better results with better self-support, more positive self-talk means more positive feelings, means more positive actions! 

Negative thoughts bringing you down and keeping you stuck...
You beat yourself up for everything and it hurts. Your parents didn't show you how to talk to yourself in a healthy or helpful way. 

The voice in your head telling you "you’re not good enough"...
You want to shift these thoughts to become more confident but you don’t know how to start. 

You're tired of.. 

You're ready for.. 

A way to implement a supportive mindset into your daily life...
something easy to understand that will guide you in practical situations.

Learning how to catch yourself when you're falling into a negative spiral..
so you can shift out of it before it ruins your day.

A way to talk to yourself kindly and effectively....
positive self-talk leads to more positive feelings which leads to more positive actions

This course is for you if:

What's Inside?

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5 Video Lessons: 

  • Guided Video Instruction from Kelly​

  • Understanding Mindsets, Self Love, & Self Doubt

  • Learning the Mindset Signs that are keeping you stuck in fear and negativity

  • How to Shift your thoughts from Self Doubt to Self Love and mentally support yourself

($150 Value)

  • "The Mindset Script" - Downloadable E-Book with Self Love Scripts​

Scripts of Self Doubt thoughts turned into Self Love thoughts, in these scenarios:

  • Body Image

  • Rejection 

  • Break Ups

  • Motivation 

  • Taking Risks 

  • ...Plus 10 other real-life scenarios where I help you shift your Mindset

($50 Value)

=$2o0 Value 

I help people transform their lives and mindset.

Developing Self Love changed my life deeply...


I used to be the girl who was so afraid of what others thought, she'd never put herself "out there".


My mindset was so fixed in Self Doubt - I assumed everyone would reject me, that no one really cared about me. I was terrified someone would tell me the thing I feared the most: "you're not good enough"

It wasn't until I started doing Mindset work that I finally understood all the ways my beliefs were holding me back and causing me pain. 


Shifting my mindset shifted my entire view of myself. For the first time, I finally felt "good enough".


Now, I help others with the same thing. I've created this course as a way for beginners to start their journey of Self Love and Mindset work. 


I'm so excited to begin this journey with you!

- Kelly Farrell    

Hi, I'm Kelly! 

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My clients say... 


Frequently Asked Questions


Mia R

"Kelly has transformed my life in ways I had no idea were coming.


I feel so blessed to be working with this amazing person, she has been the most incredible mentor.


This journey has been massive for me, it's opened all the doors, she helped me be my Authentic Self. She's the reason I get to be my True Self every day and have a career that I love. I might cry talking about it."


Brittany H

"I worked with Kelly for 9 months, she's absolutely amazing. I learned so much from her, we worked through so much of my Inner critic and my issues with Self Worth. 


Before working with her, I wouldn't wear dresses (I was concerned about what people would think about my weight).


If it weren't for her, I'd still be at a job that wasn't good for my mental health.


I can't thank Kelly enough for pushing me and working with me to do what I do today."


Nicky M

"Kelly is a fantastic and inspiring person! She was able to help me uncover a deeper meaning for my own life. 


I came to her confused and lost about my own life, not knowing which direction I should go into and not knowing how to best handle my feelings.


Every time we uncovered something, I was left feeling positive and confident, that my life was getting better.


I am very grateful to have experienced this journey with her and it is something that I can wholeheartedly recommend to every person, who is having trouble with finding themselves and maintaining a positive outlook on life."


Can this COURSE really help me?

I know your mind says "It's not possible for me to change. I'll always come back to being sad."

But that's Self Doubt talking!

If you're ready to stop doubting yourself and you're committed talking to yourself in a more supportive way, this course will 100% help you.


How long is the course?

This course is designed to help you start your Self Love Journey in 1 hour.

This course is pre-recorded and can be taken at your own pace.

Lifetime access once purchased.


What's your refund policy?

Because this course is digital and can be downloaded immediately, there are no refunds. I'm confident you will get double your money's worth from the value in this course.

What would it mean to you to save you years of needless suffering?


Are you Ready?