What if you could gain the Lifetime Skill of Saying "No"?

What if you could stand up

for yourself, speak your truth, and communicate effectively for any situation?

What if you could take out the stress of feeling like you have to say yes to everything and the pain of feeling like your needs don't matter?


Good news!

that's what the

Say No Course is for!

Does this sound familiar?

... you feel too guilty.

You've been trained to say Yes to everything, and when you dont you judge yourself as "bad" or "selfish." 

... you put the feelings of others above your own. 

You tiptoe around people’s feelings and feel at fault for how they feel

... you dont know what to say or how to say it.

You wish you could speak your truth in a kind and empowered way but you struggle to find the words to communicate effectively.

...it doesn't have to be this way.

I'll help you become a master of "No".

two ways to purchase:

Hi, I'm Kelly! 

     I’m a Life Coach who understands where you're coming from, because I've been there too. 

     I used to struggle with saying no, I was afraid of conflict and disapproval. I felt so guilty because I felt responsible for how others felt and judged myself as “selfish” for taking care of my own needs. 

     I knew I needed a change but I couldn’t do it on my own. I hired a coach to help me through the feelings of guilt. My relationship with myself changed immensely and I felt confident enough for the first time to say no.. but struggled with what to actually say.. 

     Then I learned the recipe for “The Gracious No”. It’s a “no” that kind, honest, respectful, and effective. Once learned, it can be used for any situation. That’s what I’ll be teaching you inside!

- Kelly Farrell    

You have a literal script to follow to say no in an empowered way, you’ve gained the lifetime skill of saying no effectively in any situation


You’ve strengthen your relationships by setting healthy boundaries, you have enough time and energy to spend on what’s important to you

You no longer judge yourself for saying no, you stand up for yourself and confidently speak your truth

The Say No Course is AN

Easy Step-by-Step Course

...to help you say NO confidently and guiLt free

     It’s specifically designed to help you: understand how to effectively communicate, let go of the emotional baggage holding you back, and learn how to do it in a way that feels authentic and empowered.

     As a coach, I help my clients master the art of “The Gracious NO” and help them with their inner relationship with themselves to feel confident enough to stand up for themselves.

Now, I've put this coaching into a course to share it with YOU!

You're everyone's go-to YES person

You're there for everyone else but where is the time for you? You've let your own goals & dreams get cast  aside, you’re exhausted trying to please everyone... until now!

You have trouble setting healthy boundaries

You don't set proper boundaries, so people walk all over you and you’re left feeling resentful. You think of pushing people out of your life because you don’t know how to communicate with them

You are ready to do something about it!

You've been stuck in this pattern for a while, but you're ready to reclaim your power and find your No! With a little help, of course. 

This Program is for you if:

The Say NO Course will be your guide in communicating how you've always wanted

In fact, the only reasons The Say NO Course would NOT be the right fit for you is if:

... you are happy with the way things are now,

communicating is a breeze for you

...you would rather not set boundaries

and create space for yourself. 

... you don’t want to up-level your

personal & professional life. 

Here's What's Included:

Course Introduction

When to say NO.

Module 1

Getting Guilt Free - let’s take out all the drama! 

Module 2

The Say No Script, what to say and how to say it

Module 3

Growing your NO muscle. Maintaining this

lifetime skill. 

What's in the Say No Script?

A family member asks you for a favor ...


A family member is pressing you to do something with your life that you don’t want or trying to convince you of a highly personal choice ...


A family member asks you for money ...

Your friend asks you to a party or event, they are pushing you to go but you’re no longer interested in that kind of activity ...


Someone asks you to hang out but you aren’t interested in a friendship or relationship with them ...


A friend asks you for a favor, you don’t want to ...


A friend asks you to hang out, go to lunch, etc, but you need time for yourself ...


A friend asks you to hang out but you don’t feel comfortable in a pandemic ...


Someone you went out on a date with keeps contacting you but are not interested ...


You’re dating someone, you’re interested in them but not ready yet for sex


You’re dating someone but you know the relationship isn’t working ...


Your boss asks you to take on more work when you are already overwhelmed


Your boss wants to do everything their way but you have better ideas ...


A friend has crossed a boundary and wants to use your professional services for free ...

How to Say No when:

What's inside?

15 Video Instructions

recorded by Kelly

totaling 111 minutes

$1,500 Value


10 Downloadable Worksheets

To help you implement the

material in your daily life

$250 Value


“The Say NO Script”

Multiple options for each scenario

totaling 40+ different “No” options

$1,000 Value



=$2,750 Total Value

Are you ready?

If you've gotten this far, chances are you're serious about saying no and setting healthy boundaries ...

Let's start saying NO together. 

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