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From Stuck to Self Motivated in 8 weeks

The only LIVE group program that blends practical action tools with spiritual growth, so you can achieve your goals while building Self Love

What my clients say...


Mia R

"Kelly has transformed my life in ways I had no idea were coming.


I feel so blessed to be working with this amazing person, she has been the most incredible mentor.


This journey has been massive for me, it's opened all the doors, she helped me be my Authentic Self. She's the reason I get to be my True Self every day and have a career that I love. I might cry talking about it."


Brittany H

"I worked with Kelly for 9 months, she's absolutely amazing. I learned so much from her, we worked through so much of my Inner critic and my issues with Self Worth. 


Before working with her, I wouldn't wear dresses (I was concerned about what people would think about my weight).


If it weren't for her, I'd still be at a job that wasn't good for my mental health.


I can't thank Kelly enough for pushing me and working with me to do what I do today."

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Nicky M

"Kelly is a fantastic and inspiring person! She was able to help me uncover a deeper meaning for my own life. 


I came to her confused and lost about my own life, not knowing which direction I should go into and not knowing how to best handle my feelings.


Every time we uncovered something, I was left feeling positive and confident, that my life was getting better.


I am very grateful to have experienced this journey with her and it is something that I can wholeheartedly recommend to every person, who is having trouble with finding themselves and maintaining a positive outlook on life."

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