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life transformation program

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This program is a life changer... 


This is for you if you're serious about healing old painful beliefs and patterns, massively expanding your Self Worth, and creating the life you truly want - with me as your partner supporting you each step of the way

My method

My unique coaching method blends Psychology with Spirituality for transformative Healing & Mindset work, designed to lift you into a higher realm of consciousness.

We combine Mindset work with empowered action steps to implement direct change into your daily life, so your world begins to transform on the inside and the outside. 

This is powerful work for those ready for a big inner and outer shift.

Does this sound like you?

On the outside, you smiling. On the inside, you're struggling. You feel behind in life. You worry you've been wasting your life not doing what you want.


Insecurities and triggers keep you stuck. You want to let go of these things but don't know how. 


You ask yourself "What is my life's purpose?". You don't feel like you're living in alignment with who you are and what you're meant to do on this planet. 


You wear a mask to fit in but you still feel like the odd one out. You’re missing connection and feel alone. You want a greater connection to the world around you. You're ready to stop feeling so alone. 

You're looking for a life of deeper meaning and fulfillment. You want to wake up excited, knowing you're making a positive difference in the world and in your life. 

You want to let go of painful beliefs so you can trust yourself and fully live as the REAL YOU. No more wearing a mask or playing old roles...

You're ready to stop holding back out of fear and go for what you REALLY want in life. You're ready to get out of your comfort zone, fully expand into your potential, and live your Soul's purpose

You're ready for a fuller, more abundant life. You're ready to stop playing small, to tap into your true power and live in a higher consciousness. 

 If you said "yes" to any of these, this is for you..

Your secret struggle...

 Your greatest wish...

Life transformation program

What's Included?

Two 90 minute Coaching Calls every month


Unlimited Email Support in between sessions to support you as you implement change into your life

Unlimited Voice Messaging Spot coaching for extra support

Action Steps to implement what we worked on directly into your life

Access to all my courses and masterclasses

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 Is this what you've been waiting for? 

Let's set up a call to see if we're aligned to work together

What my clients say...


Mia R

"Kelly has transformed my life in ways I had no idea were coming.


I feel so blessed to be working with this amazing person, she has been the most incredible mentor.


This journey has been massive for me, it's opened all the doors, she helped me be my Authentic Self. She's the reason I get to be my True Self every day and have a career that I love. I might cry talking about it."


Brittany H

"I worked with Kelly for 9 months, she's absolutely amazing. I learned so much from her, we worked through so much of my Inner critic and my issues with Self Worth. 


Before working with her, I wouldn't wear dresses (I was concerned about what people would think about my weight).


If it weren't for her, I'd still be at a job that wasn't good for my mental health.


I can't thank Kelly enough for pushing me and working with me to do what I do today."


Nicky M

"Kelly was able to help me uncover a deeper meaning for my own life. 


I came to her confused and lost about my own life, not knowing which direction I should go into and not knowing how to best handle my feelings.


Every time we uncovered something, I was left feeling positive and confident, that my life was getting better.


I am very grateful to have experienced this journey with her and it's something I can wholeheartedly recommend to every person, who is having trouble with finding themselves and maintaining a positive outlook on life."

Want to hear what we can do together? 

Let's set up a call.. I want to hear what you're seeking



Certified in Soul-Centered Professional Life Coaching

Certified in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica

Certified in Consciousness, Health, & Healing (The relationship between Higher Consciousness & Healing)

Life experience

Overcoming my own trauma & childhood wounds via this work

Entrepreneur for 15 years, I've built multiple businesses from the ground up

Motivational Speaker & Online Content Creator


Psssst.. Want to be a coach?
I also coach new coaches on building their business, client creation, & gaining Life Coaching skills

My step-by-step method to creating lasting change in your life

First, we get clear on exactly the life you want to create together. How do you wish life could be?

What are your goals? How do you want to feel each day?

We handle this Step during your Consultation

What's in your way? What's held you back from creating your dream life on your own? 

I'll help you uncover the mental and emotional blocks in your way and actively help you remove them

When the magic happens!

Each session we'll set up action steps to help you implement change into your life

We break it down into tiny wins, so each step feels doable. I'll support you through any fears or obstacles that pop up in between session via message support.

Step #1 
your dream reality

You wake up in what feels like a new world. Can this feeling be genuine happiness?

You wake up excited & full of gratitude for your life. You're living as your True self, feeling confident & alive. 

You feel a sense of purpose & direction. You know who you are and what you're capable of.


Step #3
Success by action

Step #4 
Your new life

You did it!

Step #2 
Clearing obstacles

Road Map to your

Frequently Asked....

 Want to see what we can do for you? 

Let's talk to see what's possible for you...
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